<Labforward> assists laboratory teams worldwide
in their quest to make groundbreaking discoveries.



Our team humbly and proudly supports scientists who work relentlessly to cure illnesses, unravel life’s greatest mysteries, and create a more sustainable future. We are committed to enabling them by building the optimal set of tools they need to conduct their experiments.

That’s why we’ve built our three core software-as-a-service products: Labfolder, Laboperator & Labregister, each one optimizing critical steps of the laboratory workflow.


We strongly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, scientists work in a very disconnected environment, with their valuable data spread across various data silos. We want to fix that. If you asked us to describe our mission in two words, the answer you’d get is “Connecting Laboratories”.

As a result, our diverse team of scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs is building an open and trusted ecosystem for the laboratory of the future that connects teams, data, devices, and processes.


Science and technology never stand still, and neither do we! Our customers and our employees share a natural curiosity and optimism that pushes them to continuously learn, adapt, improve. We are working together to introduce an age of increased efficiency and insight in laboratories.

The lab of the future should enable scientists to store clean, accessible and workable data, which can be converted much easily into valuable information. When scientists harness the power of data and technology, they can truly change the world.


Earning the trust of scientists worldwide

We could not be prouder to share that our software is being used on a daily basis by scientists all over the world.
Our products can be used in a wide variety of scientific fields, including:

Fundamental Research

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals


Agriculture & Food tech

Among others, these notable organizations trust us:


2022: 85 employees!

To achieve our vision of the connected lab of the future, we need a dedicated team focused on delivering exceptional products. As our software platforms have exponentially grown, so has the number of people in the Labforward team. We are proud to announce that we’ve now reached 85 employees, which put in perspective is a remarkable achievement as we have more than doubled our employment in less than 24 months. This growth reflects the overall trajectory of our company as a global provider of digital solutions for the lab. We look forward to achieving our targets and more with our new employees on board!

2022: Analytica & Future Labs Live

In 2022 we attended the Future Labs Live Event that took place in Basel, Switzerland and the Analytica exhibition that took place in Munich, Germany. Both events were hugely successful in different ways: offering cross-sector learnings, a content-focused agenda discussing the latest laboratory trends and the opportunity to witness innovations in action first-hand.

2021: Labvolution

On the 7th and 8th of September 2021, Labforward participated in smartLAB connects, a digital event with a first-class conference program hosted by Deutsche Messe AG. Over two days, we joined other leading companies that specialize in the laboratory industry to discuss topics such as digitalization, sustainability, and the pandemic. The conference gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our solutions and vision for the connected lab of the future.

2021: Connectivity Space

In the second part of the year we aimed to construct a fully-functioning smart-lab in our office, in just one week! The Connectivity Space was created not only to showcase how our solutions can streamline the way research and development are conducted but to also accelerate commercial partnerships, encouraging collaboration in the development of technologies that simplify research processes and facilitate compliance, teamwork, and productivity.

2021: Labregister Launch

Kicking off 2021 to a great start, we released Labregister, our inventory management system. Previously called the “Material Database”, we recognized that inventory management requires its own product, Labregister. It’s still integrated within Labfolder but now our users have a dedicated place to manage all their items and materials!

2020: Home-Office

In order to protect our employees, we implemented the home-office policy since the Lockdown began. To keep laboratories functioning whilst also reducing the risk of exposure of laboratory staff to the virus, we provide both digital and automated software solutions for laboratories and offer continued support for scientists who wish to remain working on their research remotely.

2019: Labforward

labfolder GmbH from Berlin and Cubuslab GmbH from Karlsruhe merge. As a new company called Labforward, they jointly develop a manufacturer-independent platform for the integration of laboratory equipment and laboratory control software. The result is an international company with unique expertise in the digital transformation of laboratories.

2018: US & Asian market coverage

Two great organizations become labfolder users: the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US and Keygene in the Netherlands. Cubuslab develops projects in the US, Singapore, China, and South Korea.

2017: Smartlab

labfolder and Cubuslab participate in the smartLAB exhibition at the biannual Labvolution fair in Hannover, sharing their vision of a connected lab: digitally controlled workflows and automated documentation.

2017: BIH

The Berlin Institute of Health becomes a customer, opening the doors for labfolder to help researchers at the Charité to document their experiments and taks successfully.

2017: Connecting labs

Cubuslab now connects more than 100 lab devices and is working together with the big players of the German chemical industry.

2016: The accelerator

labfolder and Cubuslab meet for the first time at the Merk Accelerator program aimed at supporting startups in the fields of healthcare, life science, and performance materials.

2015: Foundation of Cubuslab

Cubuslab (now Laboperator) is officially founded and starts developing a platform for device integration with the aim to monitor and control of any lab devices with IoT technology.

2013: Foundation of labfolder

labfolder is created to help researchers keep track of all their experiments in a digital and collaborative way, with seed funding from Vogel Ventures, the IBB and angel investors.