Unified Access to Labforward Solutions with IAM

Labforward major release:

Unified Access to Labforward Platforms with Identity & Access Management (IAM)

We’ve just released an exciting major improvement to the way you access Labforward solutions: Identity and Access Management (IAM). This new system will consolidate login to our platforms, replacing the previous sign-in options that limited you to a single point of access to Labfolder & Labregister and Laboperator

With this release we aim to not only streamline access to Labforward products, but to also provide more flexibility to our users, offering additional options for how you can present and customize your Labforward account. With everything under one umbrella, you’ll be able to login to Labforward, then plan and manage your inventory with Labregister, execute your workflows with Laboperator, and document your research with Labfolder.

We’ve prepared a short video that summarizes what IAM is all about, why we’ve implemented it and how it affects you. 


Additional information to help you grow accustomed to the latest changes can be found on these helpdesk articles: “Resetting your Labforward account password”, “Creating a Labforward account”  & “Logging in with a Labforward account”

The first change you’ll probably notice is that the login portal has had a makeover. It no longer bears resemblance to the old Labfolder interface, but instead presents a unified access point for Labforward solutions in the company colors.

It used to look like this. →

← We’ve replaced it with this. 

This new structure for our login pages is simple and intuitive. On the top right you can click on the Sign up button to create a new account. Lower down you can click Remember me to expedite access to your account. We’ve even added a single sign-on (SSO) option which at the moment allows you to login using your existing Google or Microsoft account (though watch this space as we’ll likely expand this in the near future!).

After logging in to the new account portal you’ll have the option to choose which Labforward application you want to launch. You can also navigate between platforms by clicking on the grid toggle in the top left hand corner. 

It looks like this. →

You can also customize your Labforward account by adding your position, a picture and your phone number. This not only gives you additional options in how you present your account, but it also gives Group leaders or account administrators better oversight of your team, improving collaboration.

← In the new portal it looks like this!

Have any questions for us about this release? Please feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or queries at feedback@labforward.io and we will be happy to help you.