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The Laboperator Connector

The Laboperator Connector is a vendor-agnostic hardware solution which provides connectivity and data transfer capabilities to any device, regardless of device age, make, or model. Each Connector Box can provide connectivity to up to 4 devices (via a cabled connection) or you can directly connect to an unlimited amount of devices available in your network.

Lab Monitoring

By implementing laboratory monitoring you can collect high-throughput data, onto a centralized platform. It allows you to maximise your equipment’s potential, in doing so you can streamline your experimental procedures, adjusting them with no compromises having to be made over time of day or attendance. In short, a monitoring system enables you to have greater control over your laboratory.

Lab Automation

The Laboperator workflow engine is a powerful orchestration tool to fully automate device and data handling in laboratory protocols. Integrate any laboratory device from a scale to a liquid handling robot. Schedule executions via the Laboperator application and monitor the current run status from anywhere. Laboratory automation allows you to accelerate your process efficiency  and bring your device utilization to the next level.