Best Practices for an Effective Laboratory Cold Storage Management Program

Best Practices for an Effective Laboratory Cold Storage Management Program

Monitoring cold storage equipment is a mission-critical component of any laboratory monitoring program. Cold storage devices typically hold valuable and irreplaceable lab samples. It’s important to have a comprehensive cold storage monitoring program that protects your precious samples and limits unnecessary risks to your laboratory. 

In many laboratories, monitoring cold storage is manual and documented with pen and paper. It requires a staff member to physically go to the freezer several times per day to check the temperature and record it on a paper-based form.

In this webinar, you will learn what is needed for an effective cold storage monitoring program and how to bring your workflows to the next level.

Webinar Recording

  • What you will learn:

✔ GxP compliance requirements for cold storage equipment
✔ Best practices for maintaining cold storage equipment
✔ Recent advances in cold storage monitoring

  • Remote sensors
  • Real time Notifications and alerts
  • Managing compliance data

How cold storage monitoring can help you achieve your quality, financial and sustainability goals

Meet the speaker:

Richard Watson
Head of Lab

Hi, my name is Richard and I’m the Head of Lab Transformation at Labforward. I have 15 years of experience as a lab manager in gene and cell therapy labs. Throughout my career as a lab manager, I implemented systems to routinize and automate lab operations. I now use this experience to help our customers digitize and modernize their lab operations.