Labforward at Analytica & FLL 2022

Showcasing our approaches to Lab 4.0: Labforward attends Analytica and Future Labs Live 2022

In the past couple of months we’ve had the opportunity to attend and participate in three events: Future Labs Live in May and more recently the Analytica trade fair and nICLAS event, which both happened just a couple of weeks ago. After the pandemic restrictions prevented these events from taking place in person over the past couple of years, it was a thrilling experience to be able to converse directly with prospective customers, industry leaders and existing partners once more. All the events were hugely successful, thanks to the excellent planning of the organizers.  In this blog, we reflect on some of the highlights of these events, key topics discussed and what events we’re looking forward to participating in in the near future.   

Future Labs Live 2022

The Future Labs Live Event took place in Basel, Switzerland this year and was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees. The event promised cross-sector learnings and applications, a content-focused agenda discussing the latest trends and the opportunity to witness innovations in action first-hand on the exhibition floor. With a selection of high-note speakers, each discussing their different approaches to the laboratories we can expect from the future, this event was tailored towards industry leaders and start-ups looking for ways to transform their laboratories and streamline research processes. Over the course of the three days, attendees were able to immerse themselves in themed workshops that allowed them to experience first hand the possibilities the latest innovations offer research teams.

Richard FLL

The event featured a talk from Simon Bungers, our CEO titled “Three tales from the digital lab: Connectivity from ground zero, the data flood and (unfortunately), the data robbers”. In this talk, Simon delved into the complex challenges organizations face on a daily basis that can be alleviated by innovative solutions for the laboratory.

Elsewhere in the showroom, our booth led by our Head of Lab, Richard Watson demonstrated the possibilities of our device integration platform and laboratory execution system, Laboperator. The event gave attendees the opportunity to stop by, talk to our experts, test our latest product features and converse about their journey to digitize their laboratory. We found that many of the attendees were intrigued about Laboperator and people were interested to see the workflows in action. It was a fantastic opportunity to not only meet with prospective customers, but also other industry leaders, allowing us to communicate and exchange our visions for the connected laboratories of the future.

Analytica 2022

Whereas the FLL live event was more localized, with a smaller number of participants, Analytica in comparison was a huge event, boasting 891 exhibitors from 39 countries and about 26,000 visitors from 114 countries. While digitalization of the laboratory was the main topic of discussion, other topics were explored from water analysis to metabolome research to data management. Given the size of this event, conversations were naturally shorter and demos were conducted quicker as there was just so much to see – even if you were there for the entire time! For the attendees there were a plethora of different solutions to explore.

What made the Analytica event so good was the ability for members of our team to converse with a range of people from all different research sectors and demonstrate how our solutions can streamline complex laboratory processes. The feedback that we got from attendees was really positive, in particular we found that they gravitated towards our Laboratory Execution System, Laboperator and were excited to see it in action. Over the course of the event our team met with loads of individuals excited for the possibilities of the laboratories of the future, we’ve taken all of these conversations into account when shaping our products in the future.

Reflecting on the events, our founder, Simon Bungers remarked:

“After such a long break from in-person events, it was great for Labforward to participate in Future Labs Live and Analytica this year. Events like these provide an invaluable opportunity to bring people together from not only across the laboratory industry but also across the world. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to showcase our solutions, talk with industry experts and communicate our vision for laboratory 4.0”

If you missed us at Future Labs Live or Analytica this year, don’t worry as you can meet us at one (or more) of the other events we have scheduled for this year.

Just around the corner is Achema, a dynamic international event bringing together experts, decision makers and trendsetters from across the world. Taking place on August 22-26 in Frankfurt, this is definitely an event that should not be missed!

Other events we will be attending in 2022 are as follows:

  • Lab.Vision: September 26-27th, Basel
  • ILMAC: September 28th, Lausanne
  • LIMS Forum: October 11-12th, Cologne
  • IUTA AnalytikTag: November 10th, Duisburg