Meet the Members: Pris

Meet the Members: Pris

 Today we’re interviewing Pris, our fabulous product design lead from Mexico who specializes in all things creative in the digital world!

Tell us about yourself? 

Hello, my name is Pris and I come from one of the coldest and highest cities in Mexico which you probably haven’t heard of. I love dogs, deeply enjoy bike rides, and walking through the woods. When I’m not doing something active, I typically spend my free time playing the bass guitar, reading Krimis, and yes – trying to reach C2 level in German!

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, which I obtained back in the day when you would only hear about Web Design as the main field that dealt with the digital world. During these studies, I realized that I wanted to deepen my knowledge of “the digital”, so I started learning about web design principles, which brought me to work since 2011 for design agencies in Mexico City that were mainly developing B2C web platforms.

I came to Germany in 2014 to study for a Master’s Degree at the Hochschule Anhalt – Bauhaus Dessau, where I majored in Interaction & User-Centred Design. In 2015, I moved to Europe’s so-called Silicon Valley, Berlin, with the objective to work in IT.

Fun Fact

I appeared as an extra on a German television show about remodelling houses, which was being filmed on the street where I currently live. Also, I recently discovered that some years ago, I was at a couple of parties at the neighbouring flat where David Bowie and Iggy Pop used to live in Schöneberg, being completely unaware of it.

Wildcard Question

If you could go back to one historical event to witness it, what would it be and why?

The Big Bang: I would love to see how everything started just for the sake of understanding some of the big why’s.

Why did you join Labforward? 

I was very interested in joining Labforward after getting to know what Labfolder (our ELN) does. It was the chance to work on a meaningful product to impact directly on the lives of scientists and researchers. It is not your everyday app – it is a powerful tool to revolutionize the way of recording scientific research. This thought has stayed with me since I joined back in 2015, keeping me motivated to improve it and to keep discovering its new possibilities. My background in alimentary chemistry has helped me convey distinct user needs that our 3 products might solve, and to this day I still consider use cases that this discipline presented during my experience at the lab to shape features and user journeys.

What is your main role?

What is your main role?

I work as the Product Design Lead at Labforward, which means that I’m responsible for homogenizing the User Experience of all our products and making sure it gets implemented. So in general, having the bird-eye view of every component, interaction, and UI pattern existing in those products and ensuring they are used appropriately. I have been heavily involved in the redesign of Labfolder along with the birth and design of Labregister (our inventory management system).

What excites you about your job?

What excites you about your job?

Working with a wide range of disciplines, from researchers who understand my mission to joining forces with product managers and software engineers in order to deliver what’s needed by those who are day after day in the lab changing the course of things as we know them. Also, I love understanding front-end development at a deeper level. It has always interested me to know the limits but also the possibilities of what can be creatively done with code.