FAQs – Labfolder Pricing Update 2022

Why is Labforward increasing the price of Labfolder Advanced?

For academic customers, this will actually be our very first price increase ever! For industry customers, our last price increase dates from 2018. We try to be very conscious about price changes and only act on them when we feel strongly that these changes are necessary and justified. In this case, we found a price increase to be necessary due to an increase in operating costs, as well as justified because of the many improvements in more than 100 cloud releases since the last price was set.

What improvements have been made to Labfolder since the last price increase?

We release improvements to Labfolder every two weeks for Cloud and quarterly for On-Premises environments, and you can always look at what has changed in detail in our release notes. As a high level overview, here are some of the most impactful past and future changes that we are most excited about:

Past releases include:

  • A fresh design & optimized user experience for both Labfolder and Labregister
  • A lot of additional functionalities for Labregister, including the ability to import/export your inventory, as well as many new attributes you can use to better manage your database (links, barcodes, file attachments, parent-child relationships, etc.) 
  • A new Well Plate Templates app, allowing you to design 6 to 348 well plates experiments with just a few clicks.
  • Major improvements to the text and table element, giving you more options when it comes to creating and formatting text, tables, graphs, and more.
  • We’ve also invested a lot in behind-the-scenes quality improvements, especially when it comes to testing and monitoring Labfolder’s performance and security.

Upcoming releases will include:

  • Advanced search functionality for your Labregister inventory
  • Improved and more options for Labfolder data exports
  • New approach to Identity and Access Management
  • and quite a few more topics that we cannot reveal yet…

Which products are affected by the price update?

Labforward is updating the list price for all subscriptions of the Labfolder Advanced product, as well as the Signature Workflows app. Other products and services are not affected by this change.

When does the price update take effect?

New prices have been published on our website since July 1st 2022, and will take effect immediately to new customers, unless a quote with the old pricing has previously been shared with you (see below).

Existing customers will receive an email with their specific renewal date for which the new pricing will start applying.

If I already have a quote for an annual subscription with the old pricing, will you still honor it?

Yes, we will honor any existing quotes provided an agreement is signed before the end of September 2022. After this date, new quotes will need to be issued with the new pricing.

If I add more licenses before the next renewal, will I pay the old or new price?

For the period before your renewal date, only the old price will apply, also for additional licenses you’re adding since our announcement. Only from the indicated renewal date onwards will the new price be applied.