Labforward stands with the Ukraine


Labforward stands with the Ukraine

We usually stay out of politics, focusing all our efforts on our customers and partners in research and development (R&D) and the laboratory industry. However, the war in Ukraine is not only directly impacting some of our team members. It is also a war that is being waged against the very values (liberal and humanitarian) that form the basis for scientific and intellectual freedoms that facilitate innovation and discovery. These freedoms are the foundation for everything that we as a company stand for. 

In light of this, we stand in solidarity with Ukraine and condemn the unprovoked, illegal actions of the Russian government. We are deeply concerned for the life and wellbeing of Ukrainian men, women and children. 

Our sympathy goes out to the victims. Our hope for peace and freedom to prevail. Vladimir Putin’s war must end!

One of our employees is based in the Ukraine and after escaping to Moldova, she reported some of her experiences that we’d like to share:

The past three days feel like 10. I feel terrible, it is unbearably painful to leave many loved ones in Odessa, it is very scary that I am far away and won’t be able to help them. Nevertheless, I plan to keep working and supporting my country in any way I can. My father has signed up for territorial defense. My friends are clearing basements, donating blood, collecting bottles and fuel for Molotov cocktails. The Russian military is shelling houses, buses, orphanages. We are preparing for brutal and cowardly attacks in our city, but we are throwing all our strength into fighting them off.
Ukrainian Team MemberLabforward

It is important to state that it’s not the Russian people who are waging this war against a sovereign country. We also have Russian team members who are equally outraged about what is happening in the Ukraine. One of them gave the following statement:

24.02 is a date of national disgrace for all the Russian citizens. There is no excuse for the crime against Ukraine by Putin’s regime. I didn’t want to believe in that until the end but after the deranged speech by the “national leader”, there were no illusions. History repeats and no, it’s not a bad dream.

There are no suitable words, but only using words will not help.

All of my relatives and friends are against this war, some of them are going to demonstrations, some of them have  already been arrested. The criminal regime is trying to intimidate people: sending  those who protest to jail, saying that it’s treason to donate money to the Ukrainian charitable organizations, and blaming people who try to share the truth. The propaganda news even started discussions about reinstating the death penalty to scare Russian people into submission!

I can only support these brave people, who aren’t afraid to share the truth and stand against it. I know how hard and scary it is, but right now changing the situation from the inside seems like the only solution. 

Sure, some people still do not understand what’s happening, some of them don’t take the situation seriously. I implore them to PLEASE, stop thinking in a way that is not clear! There is no false bottom: the Russian military has invaded Ukraine right now and is bombing all of these beautiful cities which you’ve probably visited.

The economic sanctions will affect the lives of all Russian citizens, there will be few new job positions and all the international companies will close their offices, many qualified people are trying to run right now. The crisis and default will happen once again – it will be the 3rd huge crisis even after my birth. Don’t put all your achievements against idiotic conspiracy ideas.

Also, Russian propaganda tries to scare people by the news about harassment against all the Russian citizens around the world and in Germany as well. I can say from experience that it’s not the truth at all, all my colleagues can distinguish Russian people from Putin’s government. Even at the demonstrations in Berlin, I’ve not heard any bad words.

But if you’re supporting the criminal regime, for sure, you’re not welcome there.

Thank you for all the support, my friends. Let’s help Ukrainians together in these dark days. Let’s pray for peace in Ukraine and freedom for Russia.

Russian Team MemberLabforward

The Ukrainians who bravely and relentlessly defend their country, and with that also our values, inspire us all. They inspire us to do more than just focus on our customers and partners but to do more to stand up for the freedoms we at times take for granted. There are a lot of ways you can donate and offer your help. Here are the measures team members at Labforward exchanged on and took action on:

We all wish for peace and a situation in which humanity together can take care of more pressing issues than territorial domination. But this situation will only be possible if communities can determine their own way of living, thinking and prospering and not simply be invaded by rulers with backward ways of thinking. Therefore, we stand firmly by Ukraine and condemn the actions of the Russian leadership.