Standardized Data Organization in Labfolder Groups

Standardized Data Organization in Labfolder Groups: How to do it right


By using an electronic laboratory notebook, you have already made the first step towards improved research data management. You may now be wondering how you can take it further to capture and organize data in Labfolder consistently in order to make even better use of it.

This webinar is suited for those who want to learn how data capture in Labfolder groups can be standardized and how that facilitates working collaboratively on projects and experiments.

From ELN beginners who’ve just set up their group to the more experienced users, everyone can benefit from this in-depth session on how to streamline data organization within Labfolder.

Webinar Recording

What you will learn:

✔ Considerations for folder and project organization
✔ Best practices for standardizing experimental metadata in Labfolder groups
✔ Structure entries for better overview and usability
✔ Tips for project collaboration in Labfolder

Meet the speaker:

Melanie Hüttenrauch
Customer Success Manager

Hi, I am Melanie. Before joining Labforward, I completed my PhD in Neuroscience where I gained vast laboratory experience during research stays in Sweden and Mexico. As a Customer Success Manager at Labforward, I am helping scientists with the implementation of Labfolder in their laboratories and provide continuous advice to our ELN users. I’m very excited to simplify the day-to-day life of researchers with Labfolder.