Mar 18

Labforward is prepared to support your remote working needs

At Labforward’s monthly team meeting, we shared an important message to our employees in the light of the COVID-19 situation:

“Now more than ever, our customers and users are relying on us to keep our software and our services running without interruptions. Our team supports scientists from all over the world who are doing incredibly important work, and who need access to their data at all times. We are proud to serve the scientific community, so let’s do whatever we can to keep our customers productive.”

The team’s response was reassuringly passionate and unanimous: “We are ready!”

So yes, we are now working remotely as long as the situation demands it. Our employees (especially parents with all the school closings) have to figure out how to adapt to this new situation. However, this won’t negatively affect our service and commitment to you:

  1. Our software solutions will keep running as per usual, and will keep receiving feature updates and bug fixes. 
  2. Our support team is still available to promptly respond to your queries and to provide remote demonstrations and training webinars.
  3. As always, you can count on Labfolder to manage and retrieve your team’s data, as well as to keep collaborating with your colleagues.
  4. As always, you can count on Laboperator to monitor your laboratory devices and run workflows, even remotely.
  5. As more and more lab staff are forced to work remotely and are new to this working arrangement, we are available to support them with this transition. In fact, you can help here as well! If you send me your best practices for remote lab work at , I will do my best to share them with all our customers who could benefit from your experience.

As a software company, we are set up to provide great service while working remotely, and our team is taking the necessary precautions in order to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus in our local communities. The global pandemic is motivating us to not only keep up our service, but to go above and beyond in delivering critical data management functionalities that help scientists worldwide to make groundbreaking discoveries.

Stay safe everyone, and if there is anything else that we can do to support your lab work during these challenging times, do not hesitate to get in touch!

About The Author

Simon is one of the founders and CEO of Labforward. He envisioned Labfolder while doing his PhD at the MPI of Experimental Medicine. His focus at Labforward is business development and bringing the company to ever new levels.