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What’s in the Pipeline?

What’s in the pipeline?

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Recent updates to Labfolder:

Release of Mobile Interface Improvements

The Labfolder team has been lazer-focused on improving the mobile and tablet optimization of our Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). We recognize that everyone has a preference over how they record data digitally, so for us making the user experience across a range of devices as intuitive and user-friendly as possible was a top priority.

From April through to May we implemented lot’s of improvements: we’ve worked on streamlining the scrolling and editing views and added better response capabilities for smaller screen sizes. 

Take a look at the gif (opposite) to see how Labfolder looks on tablet & mobile devices now!

Improved grid feature allows you to input up to twelve resizable elements next to one another

Preview feature available for new PDF export Beta version

PDF Export improvements

PDF Exports have received a full makeover!

We’ve been working hard on streamlining the process of exporting entries and projects in PDF format. With our recent release, PDF Exports can now be formatted in two ways: either with the entry layout preserved (Beta version) or with elements arranged consecutively. The Beta version also allows you to preview PDF Exports prior to exporting an entry or project. Read more about this release in our blog

Recent updates to Labregister:

Release of multiple improvements for tablet users

Like the Labfolder team, the Labregister team have been focused on improving the usability of our Inventory Management System on tablets. We recognize that tablets offer a far more flexible method for checking inventory item levels, so this was a key priority for us to get right. 

We’ve implemented many improvements but in particular we’ve:

  • Disabled hovering icons
  • Fixed multiple bugs (for example, no cut out pop-up windows)
  • Made the viewing of files in Labregister much easier
Improved grid feature allows you to input up to twelve resizable elements next to one another

Improved grid feature allows you to input up to twelve resizable elements next to one another

Labregister Simple Search

Our Labregister team have been busy implementing improvements to search capabilities within our inventory management system. Now you are able to search for specific items (or even categories) using the search bar that is now located at the top of the page. You can search across all categories and even use special characters in your search e.g. Ω, β, ä, ö.

Also, to ensure that everyone can make the most of Labregister simple search feature, we’ve added a help button which explains how you can use wildcards to streamline your search!

Continuously improve our user experience

Updates to categories
Show the category to which a parent or child item belongs to in the relationships tab

Updates to versioning of items
Redesign versioning of items in the Labregister backend to make your data safer and improve the performance

Recent updates to Laboperator:

Release of Workflow Editor

The Laboperator team have been working hard on the release of the Workflow Editor. This new feature allows custom-built workflows to be run in Laboperator and is a massive step towards giving users more control and flexibility over how their workflows are run.

For this release we made these improvements:

  • The ability to build customizable workflows that can be run in Laboperator
  • Add flow conditions and logics to create standard operating procedures within the lab
  • Create workflows from step templates
Other Laboperator updates include:

Laboperator is now available in French
Custom Reporting
Custom reports can be generated from experiments

Dashboard Improvements
Public Dashboards are now available for monitoring
Extended Search and Filtering
Device & workflow filtering and search has been improved


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