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Standardized Data Organization in Labfolder Groups: How to do it right

October 13th (English)

Learn how to benefit most from your ELN by capturing data in an organized and standardized way.

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Best Practices for an Effective Laboratory Cold Storage Management Program

October 12th & October 18th (English Only)

Learn the best practices for effective laboratory cold storage management in your Laboratory.

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The intelligent way to record your findings

Labfolder is an intuitive and powerful electronic lab notebook (ELN) that can streamline life in the lab by simplifying data documentation. Scientists can record and store their research on a central platform accessible from anywhere and benefit from extensive features that facilitate collaboration, compliance and the standardization of common procedures in the lab.


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The efficient way to manage your samples

Labregister is an effective and comprehensive laboratory inventory management system that facilitates oversight of a lab’s entire inventory. Researchers can list materials with their properties to ensure a central organization. The system allows scientists to follow each inventory item through its specific lifecycle and enables a direct connection to laboratory notes.


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The smart way to connect your lab devices

Laboperator is a smart and agile laboratory execution system (LES) that connects laboratory equipment to a central platform, enabling scientists to automate and monitor existing laboratory devices. With this system, researchers can manage their laboratory remotely, whilst collecting and analyzing instrument data in real-time, significantly improving productivity and precision of research.


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